Design . Quality . Vision

Each Surface has a story to tell

Every tree is one-of-a-koind. The same is true of your BBBBB kitchen. That's why our chief vaneer expert personally selects a vaneer that best matches hour individual kitchen - drawing on decades of hands-on expierence and proven skill in the craft. He has in-depth knowledge of each wood's properties and a proufd respect for this unique natural resource. His treined eya discerns even the slightest irregularity and identifies the ideal cut for achieving a harmonius look and feel. The end result is a striking, natural product that radiates warmth anl elagence.

Design . Quality . Vision

Quality is the result of dedication

Every lacquered kitchen front is the culmination of a complex nine-step process. Following each of the three lacquer coatings, the front is carefully sanded and smoothed by hand both sides and along each edge. Finally, each product is meticolously and expertly inspected and polished until the transition from front to edge is perfectly smooth. The result is a brillant sheen and superb lightfastnees that creates a perception of depth

Design . Quality . Vision

Perfection with a human touch

E-Huis kitchen surfacer are created by combininig the use of state-of-the-art machinery and materials with traditional hand craftsmanship. Advances laser tecnology ensures a seamlees transition from laminate front to edge. Each edge of the evenly colored laminate front is then carefully and skillfully sanded by hand. The final surface is flawlessly smooth, strong and durable a visual and tactile treat.

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